Top 5 Fantastic Ways to Utilize a Serrated Knife

Whenever we talk about these sharp and jagged teeth knives, then the name of serrated knives comes in our mind. This is the knife which performs its functions just equivalent to that of a saw. It has this long as well as powerful blade which can quickly and easily grip your food in a strong manner and style. You can slice any of the stuff in a convenient manner by using this knife. Here you can check out and read about the fantastic ways of using and putting together a serrated knife beyond the job of cutting. To have advanced info on handmade blades, stay tuned.

To slice down juicy beefsteak tomato

  • If you want to slice big and juicy in form beefsteak tomato, then this is the correct knife for you. Even if you want to slice lots of cherry tomatoes at one single time then this is the perfect knife for you.
  • You can transform all of your tedious and tough cutting tasks into quick affairs by utilizing a long serrated knife.

To slice down large sandwiches

  • For the job of slicing down big-batch and large in size sandwiches, use a serrated knife.
  • This long and sharp blade of serrated knives can easily be stacked right between a boule or you can use them to slice down an extra long in length hoagie roll. This knife just shows you the best way if you want to slice through big sandwiches.

To peel a pineapple

  • If you are confused and stuck in this job while peeling a pineapple, then we can make this job so much easier for you. To peel a pineapple, just grab a serrated knife and complete this peeling job.
  • It is because of this knife sharp and jagged teeth that slicing pineapple’s tough skin has become easy. You can easily take off the prickly leaves and the core of pineapple all in one go.

To cut big-batch in size ice cream sandwiches

  • Now for the cutting of big-batch in size ice cream sandwiches and for the cutting of frozen desserts, get this handy serrated knife in your hands.
  • There is no doubt that these serrated knives just excel and surpass themselves in cutting the foods which vary in their textures. Like for example, if one wants to cut ice cream sandwiches which are basically firm in their texture on the outside along with a soft and creamy centre, then they can only be cut down by using this knife. This knife’s extra-long blade can also easily cut firm and big-batch desserts.

To torte a cake

  • It is always suggested that you should keep a serrated knife with you when it comes to torte a cake. For the job of torting a cake, or on the other hand, if you want to slice the cake right into thinner layers before decorating and icing, then this task can become seamless by taking a serrated knife in your hands and completing this job.
  • It is due to the long blade which is the part of a serrated knife that you can make a single and seamless and well-finished cut all through the cake.

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