10 Awesome Gadget Gift Ideas For Men

Yes we have heard you and here in the list of some awesome gadgets for the gentlemen in your life. These are so smart and useful items that you will feel proud of yourself gifting them. So let’s look at these super affordable ones. Keeping track of the workouts, calories burned, heartbeat, active steps, distance covered and many more such data must be calculated and stored is a must thing for guys who spend most of his time at gym or outdoors. Well that’s very healthy calculations, hence we have a perfect suggestion to gift them the New Fitbit Alta Fitness tracker .this is a perfect gadget for him and the best part is that he can answer your call just at a glance and the battery lasts for up o 7 days.

The New Echo Show is something you would love to have at your place to match all those cool gadgets for men. We have finally trained Alexa to do those simple yet crucial tasks and here is something more to it now with these cool device attaché to your cameras it can actually show you who is at the door and many such activities like video call just on the voice command. So you can expect more than what the first echo did. This one is great especially designed for your showers or for a beach party. This shower speaker comes with the 5w drive suction cup. Play that loud music with the best quality sound, of course its waterproof making it the perfect device to play around water.

Speed is very important and a high speed internet connection is a dream because most of our work is based online, we can’t afford the slow connectivity. The Tp link Wi-Fi range extender is super beneficial when you need more power. This tiny device can increase the Wi-Fi range up-to 10,000 sq feet. It can easily be plugged in to any wall outlet. Isn’t this a great and quick solution for your speed issue? Head phones have gone through many modifications, so the latest trend is of the wireless ear-on headphones. Listen to your favorite music with these comfortable and wireless headphones. They come in different colors. This makes a perfect gift for young boys or even girls probably they would like them in pink! We all know how wonderful the Roku streaming stick is. With this very helpful and practical device you can stream our favorite shows from Netflix, hulu and Amazon. So simply upgrade your old TV to an HD with a tiny device. Yes you can gift this to anyone who needs to change their entertainment devices. Have you seen the electric commuter scooter? Well this scooter a distance of 25 miles at 20 mph in a single charge. You don’t need a license and yes its bike lane friendly. It will take you to work in no time and am sure will leave so many head turning.